Trăng Lơ Earrings

by Cuội Spirit

655.000₫ SKU: BST1T1

Each of us always exists in three bodies: the physical body, mind body, and spirit body in a parallel and perfectly balanced way.
Derived from this inspiration, Cuoi used a circle to show the perfect balance. There are 2 opposite arrays: yin and yang. In the yang - the positive array, Cuoi created a water pattern that represents the rapids, waves, ups and downs that our bodies face in life.
In contrast with the yang, the yin is invisible and can only be sensed once you look deep into your soul. The Herkimer Diamond in the center is the symbol of a clear and lucid mind.
Indeed, we humans are only completely clear and discerning when we are physically full, without delusions, without sorrow. That is when all 3 bodies can reconcile to create a closed circle.

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